Leadership: Embracing New Ideas

heraclitus1-2xIt’s been 4 years I have come and got settled down in USA. A lot has changed since then. Sometimes when I think about the person 4 years ago and compare that person to the present me I can barely connect them. Someone from being unknown of the culture, people, roads, language to someone who now has friends, understands the culture, successfully working in a bank, a lot of change have happened. And this has been possible in a very short time period only because I opened myself to embrace changes. If I would hold myself to the old me fearing changes I would not be able to feel proud of myself today. Change is the only constant thing in the world and accepting new ideas are the strongest tool to beat this constant change.

A good leader knows that change can come anytime and is strong enough to accept the change. With their knowledge and efficiency, they handle the change. They appreciate new ideas and don’t fear to take risk to try new ideas. Openness in embracing new ideas makes a good leader into a successful leader.


But not everyone is open to accept change, there are a lot of leaders and managers who like to do things in old manner and when someone tries to introduce new ideas they don’t pay attention to it. Few reason for resisting new ideas from my view points are:

  • Resistance to change, sometimes people gets comfortable with the process they follow and don’t want to get out of their comfort zone.
  • Perceived risk, they don’t want to tackle risk and are afraid of consequences despite the result.
  • Lack of trust, a lot of the time they don’t trust the person who comes with the new idea and sometimes they don’t have trust on themselves in embracing new ideas.
  • Lack of motivation can also influence someone to not to embrace new ideas.
  • Due to lack of cooperation people may stop themselves from introducing to new ideas.

716007-Tom-Peters-Quote-An-ability-to-embrace-new-ideas-routinelyNot embracing a new idea is not an attribute of a good leader, a strong leader appreciates new ideas and is always ready to embrace it. Even though they might get scared but the fear of falling never stops them from introducing one. Few things they follow to embrace new ideas are:

  • A good leader will think before rejecting a new idea, instead of killing the new idea they try to look for ways to introduce it.
  • They encourage innovative thinking. If a follower or anyone comes with a new idea, a good leader will take time to listen to it and will provide feedback to improve it if needed. They believe that practicing innovative thinking in the team is important for continuous development.
  • With new ideas leader will do the research how it can help to solve problems more efficiently and what changes to make in order to perform better.
  • A good leader will analyze the challenges and opportunities of new ideas and work to convert them into strengths.
  • Instead of only sharing and implementing own ideas, a good leader includes the whole team to create and introduce new ideas and takes suggestions from other to make it better.

A good leader knows that change is a must to happen, hence they are always ready to accept it, fight it and win it. They don’t hesitate to listen to new idea and to introduce it which make them and their team successful. This is my thought on leadership today. What is your biggest challenge/ fear in embracing new ideas, feel free to share. Thanks for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts.

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